Generation of Vipers



     Time? Time in the life span of a man, time is short, years, months, days, hours; Time in the life span of the

Creator; what is Time?

     In the First Three Acts of Creation, Time is without Time; there was no Measurement of Time; the Light was

from the Beginning with the Creator; there was only Darkness in the Space of Creation; that is why there was a

Separation between Light of the Creator and the Darkness of the Creation.

     Lucifer is Master of Darkness; people normally think of Darkness as dark of night; but for Jehovah JAH;

Darkness is not as in dark of night, but in the Darkness of man’s Mind: Have you seen what the house of Israel

does in the dark, every man in the chambers of his Imagery? [the Mind] Ezekiel 8:12. In John 3:19, this in the

Condemnation, that Light is come into the world [the Beginning], and men love Darkness [Creation] rather than

Light, because their deeds [Thoughts] are Evil: see Genesis 1:3-4.

     Every person that commits Evil hates the Light, they do not allow their Evil Mind to be exposed to Light; and

be exposed to Truth…John 3:20. Evil and Darkness is in the Mind of people; who allow Lucifer to rule over their

Thought Process; and no Light enters their Thought Process: that is the reason people in church support and vote

Pro choice; abortion on Demand and for Law makers that make it legal with civil law; and ministers will not call

them out as Evil; because people do not see Evil Acts committed by another person as a Reflection in their own

Evil Mind; which allow Evil Acts to Exist; just as Adam did not Understand the Act of eating fruit from the hand

of the woman; the Forbidden Fruit of the Tree he was Commanded not to eat of as Evil; because he did not pick

the fruit; it would be ok for him to eat.

     Another example of Darkness: The use of the word Heart is perhaps the Biggest Deception in the Bible; the

heart is a Muscle that receives a shock from it own source which causes it to beat; with no command from the

brain; in turn it pumps blood throughout the body with Oxygen and Nutrition for Life; therefore JAH gave the

instruction on Clean and Unclean food; there is no relationship between the Heart and Mind; the Mind [brain]

Controls all Body functions; of movement, thinking etc., and the Term, ‘you do not know what is in a person’s

heart’ comes directly from Lucifer; however in the book of Matthew 12:34-35…generation of vipers, how can you,

being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks; a good man out of the

Good of the heart brings good things: and an Evil person out of the abundance of Evil brings evil things: Now ask

yourself if that statement is True; explain verse 37, by your Words you will be Justified, and by your Words you

will be condemned? Are not the words that come from the mouth; Thoughts Formulated in the Mind [brain]?

Now for those that say, the Heart is a Soul [spirit] thing; that an unknown Power exist in a Psychic soul; then is

that not in the realm of Medium worship?

     When you come into the House of JAH, you shall not do Abominations of those around you: that use the

term Divination [people to see into the future or foretell future events; discover hidden knowledge; interpretation

of omens or of having aid of supernatural powers; insight: intuitive perception.], or an Observer of Times, or an

Enchanter, or a Witch, or a Charmer, or one who consults with  Familiar Spirits, or a Wizard, or a Necromancer;

for all these things are an Abomination before Jehovah…Deuteronomy 18:9-12: [how much of the Bible are Made

up of those Practices: Of Prophets and Disciples and Apostles that Performed those Acts?] and Jehovah said, I will

raise up a Prophet from among the Israelites like you Moses; and I will speak through Him, and My Word shall

He speak; it will come to pass, that whoever will not listen to My Word which He will speak in My Name, I will

hold them to account: [the lord or god is not His Name; also the father is not a name]; can people not understand

Exodus 6:3, Isaiah 7:14 and Psalm 68:4? Lucifer so Blinded people’s Eyes and Mind? [To Read and Understand.]

     How will a person Understand the Knowledge of JAH; and all His Mighty Works: If they Cannot Understand

His name is not god? Nor jesus, Nor lord, Nor father. So came the Warning in Deuteronomy 13:1-5 telling the

people; be Very Watchful for these People that would come into this world from Lucifer: Immanuel Warned in

Matthew 24:5, for many will come in My name, saying, I am christ; and Deceive Many: Also in Matthew 7:21-23;

however that is getting ahead of these articles; and a story of its own later. [have you ever counted the times

christ is used in the New Testament?]

     Now back to Creation and Time; how can the Word explain something when the Mind is Closed and Deceived

by Teachings of Lucifer? In the Book called the Bible, which the church claims as god’s word is the Answer; how

ever these words are taught in church doctrine; without knowing these doctrines are from Evil men; and are

workers for Lucifer.

      In Matthew 22:14 Immanuel says, For Many are Called, but Few are Chosen: yes, there are 386,000 plus

churches in this nation alone; and they all preach of a jesus as a son of man and a son of god; that there are three

days and three nights from Friday afternoon too Sunday sunrise: What is Truth? In Matthew 7:13-14 Immanuel

tells us, Enter at the Gate of Truth: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way of Lies, that leads to Destruction,

and Many enter in: Yet Truth is the gate and Difficult is that Truth to Find that Leads to Life; and there are Few

who Find it.

     With Understanding and Knowledge of that Truth; each Piece of the JigSaw Puzzle of the Word must be Placed

in Correct Order; for a Complete Picture of JAH’s Word: with that in Mind, let the Truth be Known: In the next

article, the Continuation of Creation Part 3.

     p.s. the use of Capital letters in the names of christ, jesus, lord and god does not give them a Holy Status here:

The Proper Name of JAH, Immanuel and Jehovah is used by this author in all writings; even though those

names have all but been Removed from the Word in the New Order of the Bible; remember Lucifer is the ruler

at Large to Teach and Influence people’s souls [Mind] here on earth; and JAH will Test each soul [Mind]: Whom

do the people love? Lucifer or JAH? A person must Know and Understand One from the Other.