The Beginning

             In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with god, and the Word was god, John 1:1.

     This Beginning; before Genesis took place; who is the Word and this god? Before a person can even think

about Understanding the Word; one must know the Creator; who is the Creator in most people’s Mind? A god;

there are some fourteen pagan gods; give or take a couple named in the Old and New Scriptures; so which one is

this god that John; through countless Translators of his word speaking about?

     In the Beginning cannot Begin till the reader Understands; the Bible is like a Jigsaw puzzle; the Pieces from

here and there Must be Understood and placed in the Correct posture to display a Complete picture of what two

thousand years of Lucifer’s workers in translations; and his teachings being Taken here and Misplaced there; with

help and assisted by Lucifer; there is no Clear answer in church Doctrine or church ministers with the Knowledge

and Understanding of the Word; if there is, they Prefer church doctrine over Truth.

     Therefore this study Begins with Lies of Lucifer; with Truth of the Word; and then the Beginning of Creation

can better be Understood; the First Lie Lucifer placed in the Bible was Deceit and Deception by his workers from

the Beginning; the use of titles given to men of authority over men; used as Names for the Creator of man and

His Creation; so what is the Name of god and is he the god of Christians?

      god…if I cap the G: by definition is the supreme or ultimate reality: as being perfect in power, wisdom, and

goodness whom men worship as creator and ruler of this universe; in Christian science: the incorporeal divine

principle ruling over all as eternal spirit: infinite Mind: a being or object believed to have more than natural

attributes and powers and to require man’s worship. Yet in that definition; it did not give god a name; only what

is god that require men to worship it or him; Buddha is god to his believers; Gautama Buddha is his name: Allah

is god to his believers; Allah is his name: in Ezekiel 8:14-16, he brought me to the door of the gate of the temple

on the north side; and there sat women weeping for Tammuz [a Sumerian god]; then he brought me into the

inner part of the temple and there twenty-five men with their backs to the temple; and their faces to the east and

the rising sun; and they worshipped the sun toward the east; such Abominations they do.

     What is the name of god; that depends entirely on your Religious belief of Faith; this author is Only interested

in the name of the Creator; the Creator of all living creatures of the universe; and for that name; Psalm 68:4…Sing

unto god, sing praises to his name: extol him that controls the heavens by his name: Now note by what name;

JAH, and rejoice before him: When this author is going to praise a NASCAR driver; I will say; Richard Petty is the

king of NASCAR; not, Driver is king of NASCAR; without the name then which driver receives the praise? Same

is the case with a god; if I say, praise the great god of the Greek; then no Greek is going to know who I am

referring; for their gods have names, Zeus, Artemis, Hermis etc. so as a Christian, I say praise god; then a Greek

may ask; which god are you praising? Zeus, Hermis etc. and you answer god; they still would not know which

god; then you say, well the god with a capital G; Oh! I now know your god; the one with the capital G: No this

author would say; I am praising JAH the Creator of all Creation.

     Now what is the name of the Body of JAH? Just as Lucifer caused the name of JAH be replaced by the word

god in the Bible; he has changed the name of the Body of JAH be replaced by the word or title of lord: in

Exodus 23:20-21…Behold I send an Angel to you; beware of Him and Obey His voice; and do all that I speak; for

He will not pardon your transgressions: for My name is in Him: Jeremiah 23:26-27…How long shall this be in the

Thoughts of the prophets to tell Lies? For they are ministers of the deceit in their own Mind: which believe that

the people should forget My name by their dreams which they tell every person; as their fathers forgot My name

for Baal.

     To Begin to understand the Beginning; a person must Understand the Word of JAH; and not the word of

Lucifer and his workers; and that is the reason for this Website; to expose Lucifer and his workers; starting with

customs and laws of the Faith of the people of Israel; and that was the first thing the apostles of the New Church

wanted to destroy; to discredit the faith and Obedience of the Israelites and the Laws of JAH…Acts 15: 18-

19…this is James speaking…known by god are all His works from the Beginning of the World; wherefore I say, we

trouble not the people from the Gentiles who turn to god; and the followers of Paul in 21:21…had taught the J—-

among the Gentiles to quit the teachings of Moses; that they need not circumcise their children, neither to walk

after the customs: that is just two of many passages where the Law is forsaken; and disregard of the custom of

the father naming his children.

     Genesis 17:15/19; and Luke 1:59-63…as was the Custom on the eighth day they came together to circumcise

the child; [now we know Zacharias was made mute when he did not believe]; and they would name the child

Zacharias after his father, but his mother said, no his name will be John; and they said, there is no one in your

relatives named John; so they made signs to his father asking, what he would name the child; and taking a tablet

he wrote, John; and the people were surprised and shocked; and the child received the name John as his father

wrote; and Zacharias received his voice back; and John the Baptist course was now set.

     Now for the name of the Messiah; should not the Creator name Himself; in this case His Physical Body? In

Isaiah 7:14…Therefore the lord himself will give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and

shall call His name Immanuel; now that is plain to anyone who can read; and going back to Exodus 23:21 and

Jeremiah 23:26-27…foretold of how the False ministers [prophets] would deceive the people; with Lies from

Lucifer; with dreams and signs. Now the lord Himself; who is this lord?

     Another falsehood from Lucifer with words; in the Word who is lord; since now we know JAH is the Creator;

then who is the Person whom Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Moses and all the prophets; all spoke with face to


      In Isaiah 43:10…You are My witnesses, said the lord; that you may know and believe Me, and understand

that I am He: before Me there was no god Form, neither shall there be after Me. Here is this lord telling the

world; who will believe who He was, is, and will always be; in Genesis 32:30 Jacob said, I have seen god face to

face and still live; [see Truth below] and Isaiah said in 6:5, for my eyes has seen the King, the lord of hosts: in

Exodus 6:12 Moses spoke before the lord; so who is this lord? In Exodus 33:11 the lord spoke face to face with

Moses, as a man speaks with a friend; Yet in verses 18-23 Moses asks to see His glory and that he see Him; and

He told Moses you cannot see My face; for no man shall see Me and Live: so the lord said, here Moses is a place

beside Me, stand here on the rock; and when I pass by My hand will cover you; and when I have passed the back

side you may see: [Two Separate Forms] so who is the lord who covered Moses? Without knowing who this lord

is; there is no Understanding of who the Messiah is; or why Immanuel is the Form in Body from JAH. Turn now

to Exodus 6:2-3…JAH spoke to Moses and said, I am the lord: I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, by

the name JAH Almighty, but by My name Jehovah was I not known to them: Now that explains how Jacob said,

he had seen JAH and lived when in Fact he was seeing the Body Form of Jehovah; making the statement to

Moses, no one can see Me and live True; but not unless the person Understands the names of JAH and Jehovah;

and How they are One; One seen One unseen.

     Now to tackle the Falsehood of this son of Mary; and the Lie that the man who was not the father; and yet the

entire New Scripture Bible is filled with this Lie; Beginning with Matthew 1:1-25…the book of the generation of j–

— c—–, the son of David, the son of Abraham; but now the Lie of verse 20, the angel of the lord appeared to

Joseph in a dream; saying, Joseph the son of David, fear not to take Mary as your wife: for that conceived in

her is of the holy ghost; a whole new phase; holy ghost, and this will be explained in a later article: now verse 21,

she shall have a son and you shall call his name J—-; verse 22…now this was done that it might be fulfilled that

was spoken by the lord by the prophet, in verse 23… saying, a virgin shall be with child, and bring forth a son

and they shall call his name Emmanuel; meaning, god with us; and Joseph being awake did as the angel of the

lord had said, and took Mary as his wife; verse 25 she brought forth a son and he called his name J—-.

     Deuteronomy 13:1-4..If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and give you a sign or a

wonder; and the sign or wonder come to be, that he spoke to you, saying, let us go after other gods, which you

have not known, and let us serve them; you shall not listen or follow the words of that prophet, or that dreamer

of dreams: for JAH will test you, so He will know whether you love Him with all your Mind and all your soul…for

you shall walk after Jehovah JAH, and fear Him, and Obey His Voice, and keep His Commandments, and you

shall serve Him, and cleave to Him.

      So the word from Jehovah to Moses; long before He was to come as a Child from a woman; as Isaiah told in

Isaiah 7:14: But man through Lucifer’s deceit in Matthew 1:1-25 have in fact; caused people to follow after False

Teachings; by following J—-; of whom the Word of JAH never instructed people to follow.

     It is said, what difference does it make; about a name; as long as they worship him; well who are they

worshipping? In the Word; it says His name shall be Immanuel: but a man said J—-; so who are you following,

JAH or man? Who’s word do you follow, JAH or man? What name will get a person into heaven; Immanuel or

J—-? Are you willing to bet your eternal soul [body] on that name?

     The writers [translators] of the Old and New Scriptures; with the aid of Lucifer have produced a Jigsaw Puzzle

in the Bible; and through Deception of the leaders of the New Church; Lucifer Deceived the Christian world; this

writer brought out the Lie of the name of the Messiah; by the Word; take two Bibles here in front of me; one the

Old King James version; another the New King James version; the Old gives in Exodus 6:3 the name of Jehovah;

in the New in Exodus 6:3 it gives the name of lord as lord; and in the front of the Old it says it is based on the

original published in 1611: in the front of the New one, it is filled with names of contributors who has reviewed,

updated it; to bring it into the teachings of today; all the men have letters following their names; like, ph, ba,

dd, thm, dmin, LLd, phd, etc. who teach and believe; from Friday afternoon till Sunday sunrise is three days and

three nights; and call J—- the son of man; how can the son of a god be a son of man? To be a son of man it

takes an egg of a woman and the sperm of a man to conceive a son; where the Creator of the Universe in His

Physical Body takes dust and forms a man after Himself.

     Body of JAH or son of man? That is in an upcoming article; a lot of news in articles too come; that will inform

and challenge the Norm in Christian religions; that a true believer needs to know before the Last day.

     So now in this Beginning; the name god has been Replaced with JAH, the True name; and lord with Jehovah,

the seen Body of JAH; and J—-, Replaced with the True Name of the Messiah Immanuel; therefore from this

point forward in the Writings of this author; the words god, lord, lord god or J—-; will not appear as names of

or for the Creator.

    May the Word of JAH be blessed in the souls and minds of the readers; receiving the Truth from the Word,