The Beginning; Part III


The man and woman have now been Removed from the Garden; which will be seen later by all who enter into the

Kingdom of JAH: it awaits all that find Life in JAH’s Word; what a beautiful Garden it must be; those who find Life

Everlasting will reside there with Jehovah on their Last Day.


     Adam now has sexual intercourse with the woman; whom he calls Eve and they become a man and wife in the

Eye of JAH’s Law; by the Sexual act of intercourse [known as common law marriage]: and the woman conceived

from the sperm of the man within the egg of her ovary a male child; and gave birth and named him Cain: and said,

I have given birth to a man from my husband: her and Adam in the process of having sexual pleasures; again she

conceives from these acts another male child; and gives birth to another male child and names him Abel: Abel

grows and becomes a shepherd of sheep, but Cain became a farmer and tilled the ground.

     Over an undetermined period of Time Cain decides to bring an Offering of the fruit of the ground to give

Jehovah; and Abel not to be left out; also brought of the young first born of his flock to give to Jehovah; now

Jehovah accepted Abel and his offering; but did not accept Cain and his offering; and this caused Cain to be upset

and angry over the rejection of his offering; and Jehovah spoke with Cain about his state of Mind; and said to Cain,

if you are honest in your thoughts and state of Mind, you to would be accepted; but if you are not honest in your

thoughts of Mind, that Lucifer was waiting to control Cain’s Mind; for Cain thought of Evil things; when Jehovah

looked into his Mind and saw the Evil; and told Cain, control your thoughts or Lucifer would rule over him [us].

     Cain and Abel talked as brothers would talk over things that brothers talk about; and one day as they were in

the fields; Cain became angry with Abel and Cain killed Abel; and Abel’s blood soaked into the ground; later as

Jehovah was talking with Cain; He asked about Abel his brother’s welfare; and Cain said, he did not know and

why ask him; for am I my brother’s keeper?

     Jehovah knew what Cain had done; because Abel’s blood which is the Life of the Body, called from the ground

where Cain had killed  Abel; for the Blood soaked into the Ground: So Jehovah tells Cain, you are cursed from this

ground because of the blood of Abel, caused by your Anger has now spilled into the soil; and when you till on earth

it will not yield as this ground yielded Life everlasting; but on earth you shall be a fugitive and vagabond: Cain said

unto Jehovah, You Punish me more than I can bear; You now make me leave this ground above earth; and from

Your presence I will be Removed; and on earth I will be a fugitive and a vagabond [on earth]; and those that find

me shall kill me; and Jehovah said to him, No, whoever should kill you would be cursed seven times more than

you; and Jehovah made Cain’s appearance as those people on earth; that no one would notice him as being from

another tribe and kill him; and Cain went out from the ground above earth and the Presence of Jehovah; and lived

in the part of earth called Nod, which was to the east of where the Garden had been; this would have been around

One and Half Million Years B.C.; according to earth’s fossil record of the First tool made by man found in Africa;

since Cain was a farmer and tilled the ground; he would have brought tools with him to till the earth; that was

already a Half Million years old: and he takes a woman from the population of the male and female whom JAH

Created around One and Half Million Years B.C., since they have been populating and taking dominion over the

earth as JAH had commanded the male and female of the Sixth Act of His Creation to do; eating fruit of the trees

and herbs as JAH commanded, for they were not tillers of the earth.

     Now begins the Lineage of Cain on earth; who is a more Intelligent Person than the Homo-erectus who has

been populating the part of earth known as the Old World Tropics and Temperate Zone; from a Million Years B.C.

down to Eight Hundred Thousand Years B.C.. Cain has intercourse with this woman, making her his wife and she

conceives and gives birth to Enoch: and Cain builds a city and named it Enoch after his son: for their inward

thoughts are, that their houses shall continue for ever, and their dwellings places and lands shall be called after

their names… Psalm 49:11: for Cain had just came from the Presence of Jehovah in the Garden; where things live

for ever; and now Cain knows that he is going to earth; where all things die.

     Enoch takes a woman from the Sixth Act of Creation on earth; and after intercourse with her she conceives

and gives birth to Irad: Likewise Irad takes a woman from the Sixth Act of Creation; and she gives birth to

Mehujael: and Mehujael takes a woman from the Sixth Act of Creation and after civil marriage of intercourse;

she conceives and gives birth to Methusael: He also takes a woman from the Sixth Act of Creation; and she also

conceives and gives birth to Lamech: Lamech takes two women from the Sixth Act of Creation; one named Adah,

and the other named Zillah: Adah gave birth to Jabal: his descendants were the people who lived in tents and

raised cattle; beginning around 6000 years B.C., and his brother Jubal; who’s descendants were the harp and

flute makers and players: Zillah gave birth to Tubalcain, who taught the making of things from brass and iron,

beginning around 3000 years B.C., and the name of Tubalcain’s sister was Naamah: and Lamech came and

confessed to his wives, that he had killed a man for injury to him and a young man for hurting him; and if Cain was

cursed seven fold, that he would be cursed seventy-seven fold.

     Now back to Adam and Eve, who are still living in the land where the Garden had been; Adam has now made

his wife pregnant again and she gives birth to a son, and named him Seth, for she said, JAH had given her another

son to replace Abel; whom Cain killed: and Seth now takes a woman from the Sixth Act of JAH’s Creation; and she

conceives and gives birth to a son; and Seth named him Enos: then the people begin to worship a Higher Being

around 60,000 years B.C. with ritual burials with belief in after life.

     This has been the Generations of Adam; down to the Creation by JAH of the Male and Female; who JAH made

in the Likeness of Him in the Sixth Act of His Creation; He Created them and Blessed them; and called them

Mankind at the Time they were Created.

      This will conclude Part 3; and Part 4 will appear in a short time. Check back, and if you find this informative;

tell your friends and families; that the Word of JAH may be proclaimed to all; especially to the youth; for the

school of man teaches Evolution and the Big Bang; and the Word of Truth is Forbidden in school; and the old out of

touch generation; believing in doctrine taught from eighteen hundred years ago are to blame; and so it is for this

Web Site; to re-educate the old in the Word of JAH.

     The Word in Job 26:7, 13-14…He hangs the earth on nothing: by His voice He decorated the heavens; His hand

had formed Lucifer; lo, these are parts of His Ways: but how little a portion is heard of Him? but the Might of His

power who can Understand?

                                                                                                  The author