The Beginning Part IV



     The Voice said, Cry: and he said, What shall I cry? All flesh is [like] grass, and all the goodness thereof is as the

flower of the field: the grass withers, the flower fades: because the Breath of Jehovah blows upon it: but surely

people are as grass: the grass withers the flower fades: but the Word Of JAH Stands Forever…Isaiah 40:6-8.

     The Word of JAH Stands Forever; so JAH’s Word should never change; for what He said ten trillion years ago

should still be True today.

     This is the Book of the Generations of Adam up to the Time JAH created mankind; male and female JAH

created them; and blessed them and called them Mankind. At this Time Adam has now lived one hundred and

thirty years [47,450,000 years in JAH’s Time]: Adam is on earth just outside the Garden of Eden, living on the

ground outside the Garden from which dirt he was Formed: and Jehovah placed at the east end of the Garden of

Eden Cherubims, and a Flaming Sword which turns in every direction, to protect the path that led to the Tree of

Life; now Eve is pregnant again, and gives birth to a son whom Adam named Seth; Seth was like Adam in stature

form; yet had his own likeness and mental knowledge; with his image; Seth was his own man: after Seth was

born, Adam lived another eight hundred years/292,000,000 years in JAH’s Time; and Eve and Adam had sons

and daughters: and all the time Adam lived was nine hundred and thirty years/339,450,000 years in JAH’s


     Adam was the First, the Beginning of his Generation Formed by Jehovah; that began in the Third Act of

Creation by JAH that began around five billion years B.C. when land separation formed the primordial sea

around four billion years B.C.: for JAH had not Created the sun at this time; for there was no need of a sun in the

Garden; for JAH’s Glory was the Light: but the Creation of the sun would occur around three and a half billion

years B.C. when first life appeared in water in Genesis 1:20; and in the Chart of Life in Science [first thing that

lives in water, with sun, heat, and light, algae forms]: Adam would have been alive at this point in Time some

forty seven million years when Seth was born: this Time is calculated in the Time of JAH as stated in Psalm 90:4

and 2 Peter 3:8, for a thousand years in JAH’s sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the

night [3 hours] Adam’s age 130 years X 365 days = 47450 days X a 1000 years in JAH’s Time = 47,450,000

years Adam has lived: therefore this Time of Adam’s Generation began before the sun was Created in the Fourth

Act of Creation; and the Twenty Four Hour Day: therefore all Moses [and translators] could comprehend in their

Mind; when it was shown; were twenty four hour days and years; just as leaders in the church today cannot

comprehend this earth being 5 billion years old or that JAH has been around trillion billion trillion years; as

people can barely comprehend 80 years in a life time; so when millions/billions of years are considered; people’s

Minds cannot visualize that length of Time; when in fact, in the Time of the Creator it would be a mil-a-second.

     In John 21:19-23, Jehovah is speaking with the disciples and said, to follow Him; and Peter said, but Jehovah,

what about this man? Then Jehovah said to Peter, If I will that he [John] remains [on earth] till I return, what is

that to you? You follow Me: now some took this to mean; the disciple would not die; and others are quick to

say, He did not say the disciple would not die; but, if Immanuel willed that John remain till He returned, what is

that to Peter? So! here it is spoken by Jehovah; that He could will that John would not die; if He Jehovah so

desired; and that would now make John some two thousands years old; yet those who pointed out that John

would die, are the same who do not understand the Power of Life JAH gives through the Word.

     Seth is 105 years old/38,325,000 years in JAH’s Time takes a daughter of Adam and Eve; for after Seth was

born; Adam lived another 800 years/292,000,000 years and fathered sons and daughters; and Seth’s wife gave

birth to Enos: and Seth lived another eight hundred and seven years/ 299,555,000 years for a total of 912 years

/332,880,000 years and was the father of sons and daughters: Enos lived 90 years/32,850,000 years in JAH’s

Time and took a daughter from Adam, or Seth’s family: and she gave birth to Cainan: and Enos lived 815 years/

297,475,000 years after Cainan was born, for a total of 905 years/330,325,000 years in JAH’s Time, and

fathered sons and daughters: and Cainan lived 70 years/25,550,000 years in JAH’s Time: and takes a wife; from

Adam’s descendants daughters; and she gave birth to Mahalaleel; and Cainan lived after Mahalaleel was born

840 years/306,600,000, and all the years Cainan lived was 910 years/332,150,000 years in JAH’s Time; and

fathered sons and daughters: and Mahalaleel lived 65 years/23,725,000 years in JAH’s Time; and took a wife,

from Adam’s descendants and she gave birth to Jared; and after Jared was born Mahalaleel lived 830 years/

302,950,000 years; and all the years Mahalaleel lived was 895 years/326,675,000 years in JAH’s Time; and

fathered sons and daughters: Jared lived 162 years/59,130,000 years in JAH’s Time; and took a wife from

either; Adam’s daughters, Seth’s daughters, Enos’s daughters, Cainan’s daughters, or Mahalaleel’s daughters; and

she gave birth to Enoch; and Jared lived 800 years/292,000,000 years in JAH’s Time after Enoch was born; and

all the years Jared lived was 962 years/351,130,000 years in JAH’s Time; and fathered sons and daughters: and

Enoch took a wife from either; Adam’s daughters, Seth’s daughters, Enos’s daughters, Cainan’s daughters,

Mahalaleel’s daughters, or Jared’s daughters; Enoch lived 65 years/23,725,000 years in JAH’s Time, and she

gave birth to Methuselah; and Enoch walked with JAH 300 years/109,500,000 years in JAH’s Time and all the

years Enoch was on earth was 365 years/133,225,000 years in JAH’s Time; and fathered sons and daughters;

and JAH took Enoch; for Enoch walked with JAH: and Methuselah took a wife, a daughter, either from the family

of Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch; Methuselah lived 187 years/68,255,000 and she gave

birth to Lamech; and Methuselah lived 782 years/285,430,000 years in JAH’s Time after Lamech was born; for a

total of 969 years/353,685,000 years and died: Lamech lived 182 years/66,430,000 years; and took a wife from

the daughters of either Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, or Methuselah, and she gave birth to

Noah; and Lamech said, this man shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the

ground which Jehovah has cursed; and Lamech lived another 595 years/217,175,000 years in JAH’s Time; and

fathered sons and daughters; for a total of 777 years/283,605,000 years in JAH’s Time. In the Time of JAH;

more than Two and a Half Billion years have passed in Time since Adam was Formed from the Dirt just outside

the Garden.

     Now all the years that Adam and his descendants have lived are one billion and nine hundred million years in

the Time of JAH converted into man’s time.

     Adam’s Generations have remained Pure in Sight of Jehovah; and now the Sixth Act of Creation by JAH of the

male and female have populated earth into the region of the Garden’s location; and Cain is living in that region

of Nod east of Eden where he takes a woman from the Generation of the male and female of the Sixth Act of

Creation; and begins his Lineage on earth; the Time Line of Cain is not given; however the population of earth by

the Homo-erectus places this time between two million down to a million and a half years B.C., due to the Fact of

the First known tool made by man took place around two million years B.C..

     Noah was five hundred years old 18,250,000 in JAH’s Time when he fathered Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and

JAH’s Time has passed, and is now around 900 hundred thousand/800 hundred thousand years B.C. as the Sixth

Act of Creation have now populated the earth’s Old World tropics, and temperate zones.

     Now the Time has come that the Two populations on earth [that of Adam and Eve meet that of the male and

female] and the sons of [JAH] created in the Sixth Act of Creation see the daughters of men [Adam’s sons] that

they are more beautiful than their women; and they took women by force of whom they chose from Adam’s

descendants. Jehovah said, I shall not always live with man [Adam’s descendants], for that he is flesh; yet his

days shall be as the Sixth Act male, a hundred and twenty years [in twenty-four hour days]. Do not forget that

Adam and Eve could have lived in the Garden of Eden Forever; except they did not Obey One Commandment

given them.

     There were larger descendants on earth in those days [Neanderthal men around 90 thousand years B.C.]; and

also after that [Cro-Magnon men around 30 thousand years B.C.] when the sons of [JAH] Sixth Act male had

intercourse with the daughters of men [Adam’s descendants] and they gave birth to children from them; and the

same became mighty men which were of old [millions of years] and men of renown ancestors: those of [Adam’s


     The Word does not give an age for Cain; nor of his descendants; since his sons and daughters would be from

the female created in the Sixth Act; then what follows would be in reference too his descendants and those from


     In the Book of the Old Scripture it tells of Two Worlds; and from that the following applies to the Flood and

also too the Last Day; being a person’s last breath; and if one has the Breath of JAH at their death; then that

person will not taste the Second Death: “Jehovah, I ask again; how fortunate are the people who can live now

and obey Your Commandments: but what of those in the Present generation? For there is no one who has not

sinned, no one who has not broken Your Covenant: now I understand that the world to come will bring joy to

only a few; but torment to many; the Evil impulse within us has grown and has led us from JAH’s ways; brought

us to ruin, put us on the way to Death and Destruction, and taken us far from Life: It has Destroyed not only

a Few, but almost Everyone who was ever Created.”

     The Few here is making reference to Adam’s descendants, Noah and his wife and three sons; and the almost

Everyone who was ever Created is the three wives of Noah’s sons.

     “Listen to Me, and I will teach you, and correct your thinking; because only a Few will be Saved, JAH Created

Two Worlds, instead of only One:” [this two worlds here simple means; Adam being Formed in the Garden; and

then the Sixth Act of Creation of the male and female]: as you say only a Few people are Righteous [8], but there

are large numbers of wicked people: Now listen: If you have only a few precious stones, would you add lumps of

lead and clay to them in order to have more?”

     In other words, would you save more of the wicked people just to have more in the New earth after the flood,

or more at the Last Day to have more in Paradise? “Surely no one would do that.”


     That will draw to a close to The Beginning Part IV at this time, and will continue in Part V in the near future:

may the Word of JAH be blessed and fill the Mind of those who read and Understand His Word; Amen.


                                                                   The Author