The Beginning; Part I

     The age old question; from where did it all come from and when did it all Begin? The age old question; where

did man come; evolve from a single cell algae; to a monkey in trees; to a primate; to a modern day creature of

mankind; or from a Divine Creation?

     Truth is difficult to find; since a Lie can become Truth; if it is told long enough by enough people; over time the

Lie will be accepted as Truth; as in the church that teaches; from Friday afternoon till Sunday sun rise is Three

days and Three nights; any child that can add knows that is not Correct; yet the entire Christian faith observe

Easter each year; good Friday to Sunday sun rise: as the Crucifixion and Resurrection; Matthew 24:4/11…take

heed that no one Deceives you: many False ministers will come and Deceive many, you will know them by their

works; every Good person will do the works of JAH; but an Evil person will do works of Lucifer…Matthew 7:15-

17: Immanuel says, the person who is not with Me is against Me … Matthew 12:30…Either the person is Good and

their work Good or the person is Evil and their work Evil…Matthew 12:33: in the Word of JAH there is no Grey;

only black and white; Good or Bad; a person is for Lucifer or for JAH; a person must Choose whom they Believe.

      Science teaches a Theory of a Big Bang; a massive Explosion of gases and matter; with all coming together to

form a perfect Universe in unison; where each planet is in perfect position to maintain orbit around the sun; a far

expansion of imagination; on the part of a mass of grey matter, called the brain. My only question, where did the

Ignition source originate?

     The church Theory is just about as far out as Science; for they cannot Explain all the creatures that has lived

and died on this planet; the fossil record is the History of this planet called Science; the church claim a Creator;

yet they leave Him hanging with no explanation; with no knowledge of how He made this universe; or the

creatures that have populated this planet; proven from those fossil records.

     It is the Intention of this author to take what man knows from Science and what the Word in the Bible explains

about His Creation; forming the Complete story of how it all Began: Science will never admit to Creation and the

Church will never admit to a Bang Theory; but I am not concerned with what Science nor the Church believe;

only with the Word of the Creator, and the Universe He Created; in the End, men of Science and men of the

Church will answer  for their Belief: with that said, turn now to the Creation of this Universe and Man from the


     In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with JAH; and the Word was JAH…John 1:1; this is His

spoken Word; now before this author begins; Jehovah, the Word asks some Questions of man; let Science and

Church leaders answer the following if they can.

     Shall the person that fights against Knowledge of the Almighty teach Him? the person who does not agree with

JAH; let them answer: where were they when the foundation of the earth was laid? who laid the Measures of it?

or stretched the Line upon it? to what is the foundation fasten? who laid the corner stone? who shut up the sea as

with doors; and said you come no further: and here your proud waves will stay? have the gates of death been

opened to you? or have you seen the doors of the shadow of death? where is the way where light dwell? and as for

darkness where is the place thereof; that you should take it to the bound thereof, and that you should know the

paths to the house thereof? do you know it, because you were born then? or that the days of your life has been

that long? by what way is the light parted, which scatterers the east wind upon the earth? who hath divided a

water course for the over flowing waters, or a way for the lightning of thunder; to cause it to rain on the earth,

where no man is; on the wilderness, where there is no man; to satisfy the desolate and waste ground; and cause

the bud of the tender herb to spring forth? have the rain a father? or who has formed the drops of dew? can you

bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? can you bring forth Mazzaroth in his season?

or can you guide Arcturus with his sons? know you the ordinances of heaven? can you set the dominion thereof in

the earth? can you lift up your voice to the clouds and cause an abundance of water to cover you? can you send

lightnings, that they may go, and say unto thee, here we are? will you dis-annul My judgment? will you condemn

Me, that you may be right? questions asked of man in Job 38:4-35.

     Jehovah, you have been our dwelling place throughout all Generations; before the mountains were brought

forth, or you formed the earth; from everlasting to everlasting, you are JAH; you turn man’s Mind to destruction

and sin; and then say, Return you lost to Me; for a Thousand years to you are but as yesterday when it is past, or

as a watch in the night…Psalm 90:1-4; so Time to JAH is INFINITE: As man does not know the way of the wind,

or how the bones grow in the womb of her with child, so man does not know the Works of JAH who makes all

things…Ecclesiastes 11:5.

     The Creation of the Universe from the Word in Genesis Chapter One and Two was from the Beginning with

JAH and His Word…John 1:1; which is Jehovah; the Form of JAH, seen by man on earth; in whom is the Word

spoken to man. In the Beginning a vast dark space of Emptiness; consisting of atoms with gaseous chemicals and

particles; and darkness filled a Lifeless space; the planets were not formed, and at this time the Breath of JAH

moved over the face of darkness of space; thus the Expansion of this space began; then JAH spoke the Word and

Light appeared; over an Infinite time in space of a half million years this light expanded; JAH saw the Light, that

it was Good: and JAH divided this Light from Darkness; and the Light JAH called Jehovah and the Darkness He

called Lucifer; and this Separation of Good and Evil was an Infinite time in the First Act of His Creation.

     Then JAH called for a division in the waters of the vast space; an Outer space and Inner space which now

consist of Separate Galaxies; the Outer Lifeless Galaxy from the Inner Life giving Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen;

ingredients needed to Form Life in this Atmosphere; and JAH called the Outer space Heaven; being an

Infinite time in His Second Act of Creation.

     Then JAH said, let the waters under the Heaven be gathered together in one place; this being on earth, and let

dry land appear: and it was done; the dry lifeless planets were formed in outer space; from particles collected by

magnetic gravitational pull; now lacking water and life support Oxygen, Carbon, and Hydrogen; and planet earth

was formed in Inner space covered with water, some 4.5 billion years B.C.; when JAH called for dry land on earth

and the primordial sea appears at 4.0 billion years B.C., a half billion years have passed; and JAH called it good;

for there is no need of a Sun at this time; for JAH is the Light on earth; for there is no darkness; and JAH said, let

the land bring forth grass, herb yielding seed, and fruit tree yielding fruit after it’s kind; whose seed is in itself, to

grow on earth; and it was so:…But before the plant was in the earth; before the herb of the field grew; Jehovah

JAH had not brought rain upon the earth; and There Was No Man to Till the Ground; so a mist went up from the

earth and watered the ground; Jehovah JAH Formed Man From the Dirt of the Ground as a Sculptor Forms a

statue; but Jehovah JAH Breathed into His Statue through his Nostrils the Oxygen of Life: and the Statue became

a Living Soul; and Jehovah JAH planted a Garden Eastward [being up] from Eden [earth]; and there He put The

man whom He had Formed: and after this earth brought forth the grass, herb yielding seed of it’s kind, and the

tree yielding fruit of it’s kind; and JAH saw it was good; this being an Infinite time in the Third Act of His


     Then JAH said, let there be lights in the Firmament of Outer space to Establish a Night and Day; and let them

be for signs, and seasons, and for Days and Years; and let them be for lights in space to give light on earth; and

this was the First Twenty Four Hour Day of a Twelve Hour night and a Twelve Hour light of a day on earth; JAH

made a great light [sun] of gases for light and heat of earth for life; this is now 3 billion years B.C when algae and

bacteria begin to appear in water; and the moon being a reflective planet; which reflect the rays from the sun in

outer space toward earth; the moon gives no light of itself; and JAH ignited gas pockets in space called stars; to

rule Night and sun to rule Day; and this was the Fourth Act of JAH’s Creation.

     JAH then said, let the water bring forth moving creatures having life in the water and fowl that fly above the

earth; and JAH created great fish, the Leviathan; every living creature that moves in water from 900 million

years B.C. down through 400 million years B.C., and JAH blessed them and told them to reproduce and fill the

water and air above the earth, and this was the Fifth Act of His Creation.

     Behold at 300 million years B.C. the Behemoth that moves his tail as a cedar; the Predecessor to the

dinosaur; and now dinosaurs reign on earth down to 90 million years B.C., and then Die, a reason Science cannot

explain; and during this time insects, reptiles appear, and amphibians venture out of water onto land [Wisdom of

Solomon 19:18-21]; then JAH said, let the earth bring forth living creature after it’s breed, cattle after it’s breed

and creeping things, and beast on earth after it’s kind: and it was so; because JAH made these creatures, and saw

it was good; the age of the dinosaur has ended; and at 80 million years B.C. mammals appear and Prosimians

appear; monkeys and apes; and at 10 million years B.C. appears a primate in Africa and India with human like

traits; and 4 Million years B.C. the Australopithecus appear in Africa; and at 2 million years B.C. the Oldest

known Tool made by man appears in  Africa; then JAH says, Let Us make man in Our image, after our likeness:

having a Mind; to think with and learn knowledge; knowing Right and Wrong; and letting Them have dominion

over the fish in the sea, and over the fowl of the air, over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping

thing that creep on earth: so JAH Created man in man’s own image, in the image JAH created them; male and

female JAH created them: and JAH blessed them; and JAH instructed them in re-production, to be fruitful, and

multiply, and replenish their kind on earth, and subdue it: and have dominion of the fish, the fowl, and over

every living thing that moves on earth: and JAH told them, I have given to you every herb bearing seed on the

surface of earth; and Every Tree, which has fruit, yeilding seed after itself: it shall be food for you; and every beast

on earth and fowl of the air and every creeping thing on earth that Breathe Oxygen I have given the green herb for

food: and JAH looked at all that He had made; and it was good; and the darkness and the light of day was the

Sixth Act of Creation: When the First man appears on earth at 1.5 million years B.C., Thus the heavens and earth

was completed, and all the creatures and universe was complete at the end of the Sixth Act of JAH’s Creation.

     Now JAH’s work was completed; and He looked back over the Six Acts of Creating this Universe; and He saw

these Six Actions of Creation and Determined that for His last and Seventh Act of Creation; there would be for

Mankind a Time of Rest; and as the Sun was made for light and heat; and for telling time; the Rotation of 12

hours of darkness and 12 hours of light would be for man One day; that after Six Rotations of earth; that the

Seventh Rotation from the Going down of the sun till the next going down of the sun would be the Seventh Act of

Creation for Remembrance of the Creator; and a day of Rest for His Creation; so He Blessed the Seventh going

down of the sun for a day of rest for man, and Sanctified it a day of Remembrance and Rest; that would come

over time; when man would worship.

     Now this Creation of the male and female; who Science call the Homo erectus now populate the temperate

zones of earth; this takes a period of time; that brings earth time down to 800 thousand years B.C..

      What happened in the life of the man Formed on the Third Act of JAH’s Creation around 3.5 billion years


Who made the man made tool found in Africa; that was five hundred thousand years older than Science of

Evolution tell us, that the First monkey evolved from the trees?

     This will be answered in Part Two of the Beginning.

                       Bless the Word, Amen.