Welcome! Come and visit this new site; this is a Free Site; there is no cost at anytime and there will be no

requests for money; nor items for sale at a cost; all the Cost will be is your Time; and this is a Short time here

on earth; yet what we do here with that Time will determine where we spend our Second Life.

     This is not a Site for the usual run of the Mill church doctrine; as taught in the Sunday morning church

service that tends to make a person feel good and leave a big donation in the Collection plate. No, this Site will

deal with Truth; Truth that is Hidden in the Word; and as a jigsaw puzzle must be put together piece by piece;

so is Truth found in the Word.

     There are over 386,000 churches in this nation; and out of the thousands of men and women I have

encountered; there has not been One who could give the name of god. Every Christian church that I am aware

of; observe from Friday afternoon to Sunday sun rise as three days and three nights; good Friday to Sunday

morning resurrection; someone, either the Messiah does not know how to add; or Lucifer has taught the church

New addition.

     The folks who read the Site ‘truthataglance.info’ that I had with Blue Host can give you the name of god; and

know the True day the Messiah died and rose; and each day is accounted for in the Word.

     The wife for Cain; I have read articles that she was the daughter of Adam and the woman Eve; when up to

this time Cain and Abel are the only children from this couple; and not till Cain is Kicked out; are there any

mention of these two having anymore kids; but if you care to Know what the True Word says; come and visit

as we go through the Real Truth in that Bible that lay there on the table.

     On the Last Day each person will go to the Place reserved for that person; and if you are alive; that Last Day

comes; when?

     Till the next time; when the Beginning of Truth is posted; take care and get your friends and family to drop

in; and have a visit; in a trip in the Word from the Bible.