I Will Call Upon The lord?


       From the Book of Psalm 18:3, I will call upon the lord: then 29:2, Give unto the lord the glory due unto his ‘NAME’: and 34:3, O magnify the lord with me, and let us Exalt his ‘NAME’ together.

       In Psalm 44:8 it is written, In god we boast all the day long; then in part two of that verse it is written; and praise his ‘NAME’ forever.

      The ‘NAME’ of this lord or god is never written nor spoken by man; only the term lord or god or son are used by people to call upon their god in Christian faith; and when asked for the ‘NAME’ of their god; guess what; they do not know the ‘NAME’ of their god or lord.

      The Bible as written with the Terms of lord and god as the ‘NAME’ for JAH ALMIGHTY is worthless for the purpose of calling and praising JAH ALMIGHTY; why? Because the Christian never calls upon nor praises JAH, and His Firstborn Israel by Their ‘NAME’. The ‘NAME’ of the MESSIAH is never written in the Bible as it was intended and as written in the Word; and as in Christian faith the ‘NAME’ of Immanuel in Matthew 1:23 is not given as it is instructed in Isaiah 7:14.

      Leaders of these churches and Christian doctrines will tell their followers that the ‘NAME’ of their Creator and Messiah are not important for their Salvation promised in the Word; and those same leaders will point out that anyone who oppose the teachings of the church doctrine are nothing more than trouble makers; as was those who spoke up of the Law of Circumcision in Acts 15:1-5, that all New Converts needed to be Circumcised and taught to Observe the Law, just as all Israelites of Israel: However Paul, and apostles disputed these teachers and their way as instructed by Moses; as the voice of instructions coming from JEHOVAH JAH: and they went before the church elders; and who together made the Decision in Acts 15:20, that new converts abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood: leaving out all the Laws, and Covenants made with Mankind by their Creator.

      So! who is right? in the Christian church doctrine there are some who teach the Ten Commandments as the laws of god; and man are not capable of observing those Ten Commandments; and by faith, grace, and love alone man are saved by the death of a man they call J—-: Is that belief found in Fact of the Word? or only in the word of man?

      Man can change a law of the land or whatever they wish with a stroke of a pen or the power of their office; depending on the system of government the country has set up to rule them. Is that what the Creator had in Mind for His Laws and Commandments when He Created the universe? That man could simply take a pen and change the Laws of JAH?

      The Word of JAH was given to man to live by and govern by; but man has always felt that he [Adam] was above the Law [Word] of JAH; and followed the Leadership of Lucifer.

      Turn to the Word of Sirach 42:19-23; now you will not find this Book in your Bible, for man felt it had no place in his Bible; the word the church leaders wanted its lowly members to have access to; for the church and leaders wanted only their way taught; with no other instructions; so you will need to find a Bible with Deuterocanonical Apocrypha Books added.

      This Book is the Wisdom of Jesus, son of Sirach, and was written by Joshua in Hebrew, showing JAH had given Wisdom to His people Israel. So here is Wisdom from the Book of Sirach; JAH knows all that has ever been and all that will ever be; He uncovers the deepest of mysteries: He takes notice of our every thought and hears our every word: the orderly world shows the greatness of JAH’s Wisdom; He is the Same Forever and Ever: Nothing can be added to Him, and Nothing taken away; He needs no one to give Him advice: All His works are beautiful, down to the smallest and faintest spark of light: All these things go on forever, and all of them have their purpose.

      The point is: JAH is the Same Forever and Ever; Nothing may be added to Him, and Nothing can be taken away; and He needs no one to give Him advice. So! when JAH gave the Law and Commandments in His Word in Leviticus and Deuteronomy; were they left up to man to choose which one, or which, if any of them man wished to obey or not obey? In other words, man, meaning the elders and apostles decided in Acts, that man can change them with passing of Time and Styles of mankind with the Stroke of their pen.

      So it is that from the Time in the Garden, Lucifer has ruled the Mind of man with Deceit and Lies.

      Note that JAH takes notes of our every Thought and Hears our every word; where is our every thought and every word Formulated? Is it not in our Brain [Mind]; yet the church and Bible say it is in the heart. Can the heart Formulate a thought or a word? tell the hand to strike out? tell the mouth to speak?

       JAH gave His Word through JEHOVAH to man [Exodus 6:3//33:19-23], but Israel chose to ignore or flatly refused to obey the Word of JAH; and took up the customs and religious rituals of the people and lands around them; and has suffered the Anger of JAH to this day: and then came Christian religion and said, the Old is dead and a New way is given to man without Obedience to Laws; but dead to the Law by the body of christ written by Paul in Romans 7:4. To whom do they call upon? the name J—-; the lord of their salvation; and if you have followed the Word of JEHOVAH JAH; that ‘name’ J—- was given in a dream [they say] of a man [Joseph], who had nothing to with being the creator of the man claimed by these leaders as the Messiah [the Messiah cannot come from the sperm of man and egg of woman and be JAH in flesh or of a sperm of a spirit being into an egg of a woman] for JAH must come in flesh as He did in Exodus 6:3 and 33:19 to Moses in a complete Form [Body]; therefore the story of Joseph and Mary puts the Messiah in the Lineage of man [Matthew 1:1-17] and not of JAH [John 1:1-5]: therefore J—- would have been conceived in sin; as David informed man in Psalm 51:5, for he [David] was formed in lawlessness; and in sin did his mother conceive him: therefore each person who passes through the womb of a woman conceived and formed in sin; and cannot be sinless. For men that is in honour, and do not understand, is like the animal that perish; Psalm 49:20: in short the church does not understand the Word and will perish as an animal which has no Understanding.

      Let us look at the Word; who is the Word in John 1:1-5? for He was with JAH; and was JAH: and the Same was in the Beginning with JAH: All things made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made: In Him was Life; and the Life was the Light of men: and the Light shines in Darkness; and the Darkness comprehended it not. The Light was in Lucifer, but he refused the Light; as did Abel in killing Cain with Lucifer as his ruler.

      That was in the Beginning and here we are at the End and still men do not Comprehend it, the Light: In the Beginning was JEHOVAH [the Word] and JEHOVAH [the Word] came from JAH when He spoke; and JEHOVAH was JAH’s Spoken Word; JEHOVAH [JAH’s Word] was in the Beginning spoken into Being by JAH; all things made by JEHOVAH [the Word]; and without JEHOVAH [JAH’s Word] was not anything made that was made; JEHOVAH [Word] is Life; and Life is JEHOVAH [JAH’s Word] that lived with men; and the Word [of JAH] exposes Sins of man; and man Comprehends it not [the Word of JAH].

      In John 1:14 JEHOVAH [JAH’s Word] was made flesh, and lived among us, and we saw His glory, as the glory of the One JAH, full of Grace and Truth: for now if this JEHOVAH the WORD was with JAH in the Beginning and was the Light, and is the Light at the End, see Revelation 22:5; then He is without a Beginning and without Ending and is and was Always as He appeared in Genesis 14:18 as MELCHIZEDEK king of Salem, was and is not Understood in the teachings of man, as the Living Form of JAH; who also would have being the case with Immanuel [meaning JAH with us] would have come and appeared; not in the womb as from a sperm and egg, but a Living CHILD; as is indicated in Matthew 1:18 Mary was engaged to Joseph, and before they came together, she was found with  Child of JAH the spoken Word JEHOVAH.

      She was not impregnated by a sperm from JAH into her egg to form a totally new person; that was Spoken into Being by JAH’s Word.

       [There is an upcoming article on this Child of Mary in the near future.]

      To the Law and to the Testimony: If they speak not According to this Word, it is because there is no Light in them; and they will pass through it, with little and hungry for knowledge: and it will come to pass when they are facing hardship, they will suffer themselves, and curse their government and their god and look upward; and to the earth; and behold trouble and darkness, and they shall be driven to darkness [Lucifer] Isaiah 9:20-22.

       Tell them, and bring them near that have escaped the false teachers with their graven images of their god; who pray unto a god who cannot save them: who has declared this happening from ancient times: Have not I JEHOVAH [the Word of JAH] declared this? There is no other god but JAH; Just and a Saviour and there is no other; look to JAH and be Saved; for there is no other god; for the Word [JEHOVAH] has gone out from My mouth in Righteousness; and it will come to pass that every mouth will swear, and every knee will bow; Isaiah 45:20-23.

       May the Word of JAH be blessed, Amen.

    P.S. In the world media today man is taught how we are bring this world to mass destruction with the term ‘global warming, or climate change’ and look to ourselves, and world government to regulate our every breathe, and action to save everything from a ? to a polar bear, and the fossil fuel that JAH gave for our use is destroying earth; and the church joins in this Lie; and as stated above in Isaiah 9:20-22; man continue to refuse the Word of JAH; and place their future in the Lie of man [Lucifer].

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