The Beginning; Part II



     What you are about to Read may surprise you; Or you may just write this author off as another nut case;

however, which ever case a person may choose; the Truth is all that matters. I could do like everyone else does;

pass around a collection plate; or make you send in for a CD for the complete message; or put this in a join the

club to view; or as I will do; freely received, freely give.

     In Beginning Part 1, you have read of the Sixth Acts of  Creation of this Universe and the Creation of the male

and female as the Sixth Act: Well, now returning to the Third Act of that Creation; you will read of the man called

Adam in the Bible.

     People going to church; have always been taught, Adam was the Sixth Act of Creation of the male with the

female ever on earth; and that teaching is still taught today world wide; however that is False; and the Bible will

explain Why that is False, and the people who teach that; and believe that are ill informed of the Truth. It is not

their fault; they believe that is true; because they; as myself were always taught that as a fact in church; just as

the church has always believed and taught; in six twenty-four hour days; JAH made the Universe; when the

twenty-four hour day did not Exist in His Word till His Fourth Act; that the teachers call the fourth day; in which

the Sun was Created; you read it yourself in Part 1, Genesis 1:16. Just as a person thinks that the moon gives light

of itself; when in fact; the moon only reflects the Light from the sun; and on the back side of the moon it is pitch

black; as the saying goes.

     The problem in the church; there is no one that ever Realized that Lucifer was also from the Beginning; he was

not Created as a snake; another dumb creature a walking and a talking on hind legs in the garden; as the church

teaches from the Bible; just as a person places a jig saw puzzle on a table and puts the pieces together to make a

complete picture; so it is with the Bible; as with any puzzle it Must be laid out and pieced together; for the

complete Picture.

     From the Beginning was Lucifer [Darkness]; he was a murderer from the Beginning, and did not live with

Truth [Light], since there is no Truth [Light] in him: when he speaks a Lie, he speaks for his own: for he is a Liar,

and the father of it; you therefore are of your father Lucifer, and the Evil of your father you will do, John 8:44. To

understand, really Understand the Word; a person needs to step back from their church Doctrine; just as a

person needs to step back from their government schools; and Indoctrination of the Mind taught in both. Each

One lives off the other; take the church; it is Tax Exempt from government Taxation; as is Donations [tithes] by

the people; the government is Exempt from church interference in Election of government leaders; and the Moral

Obedience to JAH and the Word by Government; also the church keeps silent and allow people to be Obedience

to certain government leaders and party; who are Disciples of Lucifer and not Believers in JAH; and the church

and government both fit the saying; you rub my back; I’ll rub yours; Lucifer is the Leader of the World; as John

told in  Revelation 12:9, that old serpent [of the garden] Lucifer was cast out of heaven to earth with all of his

disciples; to Deceive all on earth; in John 18:36-37…Immanuel says, My kingdom is not of this World; not now:

you say I am a king; to this end in death did I come into this World; that I should bear the Word of Truth: and in

19:11, Lucifer has no Power; except it is Given to him from above: So which Power do you Serve? Lucifer the

Ruler of this World or the Word of JAH? A person cannot Serve both: Nor part of One or the Other; as Immanuel

told us in Matthew 6:24…no person can serve two masters; he will hate one; and love the other; he will listen to

one, and despise the other; people cannot Serve JAH and Lucifer; it must be one or the other; there is no half

way ground; as Lucifer have people believe.

     Now these are the Generations of the heavens and earth when they were Created. That is where the First

Chapter of Genesis should have ended; but it is found in Genesis Second Chapter verse Four: and then should


     In the Time Jehovah JAH Formed the earth and the heavens: and before the plants were in the earth, and

before the herb of the field grew; for Jehovah JAH had not caused rain to fall on the earth and there was not A

man to till the ground. [note the capital A before man; just what it said; there was not a man; no mention of A

woman]. There went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the Ground: [this is not the

surface of earth; but another Ground up from the earth, and Eastward]: and Jehovah JAH Formed man [did

not create male/female] but man of the dust of this Ground, and Breathed Oxygen into his nostrils; the Breath

of Life into his lungs; giving man a living Soul; an After life. This would be in the Neighborhood of 3 billion years

B.C.. [Do not believe that? wait until Adam’s age is figured]. Then Jehovah JAH planted a Garden Eastward in

Eden [who planted the garden?] and there He put The man [One person] whom He had Formed; [not

created] and out of this Ground Grew every tree pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the Tree of Life also in

the middle of the Garden, also the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Grew in the Garden; [now JAH back in

Genesis 1:11 calls for grass and herbs and fruit trees on earth; no trees pleasant to sight; no Tree of Life or

Knowledge; and there is no sun to give light nor heat; grass and trees will not grow without heat/light]; only JAH

was present. While back in the Garden, a River is flowing out of Eden [air/heaven] to water the Garden; and

from the Garden; it parted into Four river Heads [Beginnings]; Pison in the land of Havilah, having gold therein;

also bdellium and onyx stone; [today this land is located in Africa and East Indies]; the Second river is Gihon:

that is in Ethiopia: and the Third is Hiddekel: that flows toward the east of Assyria: and the Fourth is the

Euphrates: [the fourth river cannot be found today; why? stick around till The End Omega] and Jehovah JAH

took the man [man alone] and put him in the Garden of Eden; to till it and keep it: and Jehovah JAH commanded

this man: Of every tree of this Garden you may eat from; but of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; you

shall not eat fruit from it: in the Time you eat of the fruit of it you will die; [there is no command to reproduce]

and [where JAH told the male and female; of every tree yielding fruit wherein is seed you may eat, Genesis 1:29]

Lucifer will use this later in the Garden: [whereas JAH told His couple to reproduce and populate the earth.]

     Now Jehovah JAH sees the man is alone; the only single creature alive in this Garden; Jehovah JAH decides

the man needs company; and out of the Ground Jehovah JAH Formed every beast in the field, and every fowl of

the air and brought them to the man to name: and whatever the man called the creatures was their name: so the

man gave names to all the cattle, the fowl of the air, and every beast of the field, but for the man there was

found no helper or anyone keep him company. So here is the First use of  anesthesia by Jehovah JAH used in the

First surgery on man; and Removed bone fragment and tissue from man and the First person [woman] was

Grown from another person’s flesh; with the result of a woman; and when she was mature Jehovah JAH brought

the woman to the man; and the man said, This is bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called

Woman; because she was made from Man; so a man shall leave father and mother; and be joined to his wife:

and shall be one flesh: and they both were naked, the man and woman, and was not ashamed; [because there

was no Sexual Desire; and No command to Reproduce; for this is not a wife, but a helper for the man: whereas

JAH instructed the male and female; He created in the Sixth Act, to have sex and reproduce in 1:28; on earth

much later.]

     Old Lucifer being a Deceiver; with Falsehoods and Deception; Lies over Truth, came into the Garden: Lucifer

a very Handsome Individual with a voice of Velvet; with an Ability to Control the Mind; spoke with this woman;

now this would be sometime after JAH had Created His Sixth Act: because Lucifer uses His statement to the

male and female: Did not JAH say: you shall eat of all the trees for food; so you also in the Garden? Now the

woman says to Lucifer, We may eat of the trees of the Garden: except the fruit from the tree in the middle

ground; [here the name of JAH is used alone; for up to this time, Jehovah JAH was the Person speaking with the

man; and there are Two Trees in the Garden’s middle…2:9]; [Here is the Deception of Lucifer, Confusion of the

Mind; in Understanding; like, what is said and who said what: the woman says to Lucifer, the fruit from the tree

in the mist of the Garden, JAH has said: [this woman is using the name of JAH and not Jehovah JAH; because

Lucifer is using it and JAH never spoke with the woman; but using that name to reply to Lucifer’s use of it;] you

shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die; and Lucifer’s reply, you will not die: for JAH knows the

time you eat from it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like gods, knowing Good and Evil: [this is all new

to the woman, here she is naked with the man, and with Lucifer face to face telling her she is missing out on

something; and she is thinking, what does Lucifer know that I don’t?] Then the woman looked at the Tree and

saw the Fruit, and the Tree pleasant to look at, and she desired to taste of Lucifer’s Deceitful words; so she took

fruit from the Tree and did eat, and gave to the man with her, and he ate of the Tree: and the Mind of both of

them were opened: [Understand the use of Eyes are a Deception? they are not blind; they both see with their

eyes; it is the Mind; is Knowledge in the eyes?] and they realize they are naked; and had Knowledge of Sexual

desire; and they sewed fig leafs to cover their sexual parts.

      [This needle for sewing here was not to be discovered until 20 thousand years ago] Now they hear the voice

of Jehovah JAH walking in the Garden: [Now if it the cool of the day; then this is after the Fourth Act of Creation

and the creation of the sun; and after the Sixth Act; because Lucifer knew JAH had told His Created male and

female to eat of every tree good for food…Genesis 1:29: See! Lucifer did not Lie to the woman; he only used

Deception; with the name of JAH whom the woman did not know; that Deceived her: as the Warning in the book

of Deuteronomy 13:2-3 tell in the Word; whereas Lucifer came to the woman telling her to follow instructions of

JAH to His Creation; and as in the Warning; you shall not listen to that person; for JAH will test you; to see if you

Love Jehovah JAH with all your Mind and with every Breathe; as He did with this man and woman; and they

failed: as mankind continues in the Deceptions from Lucifer and his workers.]

     After the man and woman heard Jehovah JAH; they hid themselves among the trees in the Garden: Jehovah

JAH called out to the man; where are you? The man replied, I heard your voice, and I was afraid, because I was

naked; so I hid: Jehovah JAH asked, who told you that you are naked? Have you eaten from the Tree, that I

commanded you not to eat of? [As Lucifer instructs; deny, blame someone else.] The man replies and blames;

that woman you gave me for company; she took of the Tree and gave it to me, and I did eat: [In the Sight of

JAH when a person approves and goes along with a Wrong/Evil; they are just as Guilty; as here with this man

eating the fruit given him by the woman; he did not take the fruit from the Tree; but accepted it from the

woman.] Jehovah JAH now turns to the woman and asks; do you realize what you have done? Her reply is of

course blame someone else; Lucifer enticed me, and I did eat: and Jehovah JAH now turns to Lucifer and says,

Lucifer you are now Cursed more than all creatures I have Made; your Domain shall be on earth, and you shall

be hated as a snake on the ground, and there shall be Hate between you and this woman, and between your

children and her children; the Word will expose your Work and your Deceit will Pollute the Word: Turning again

to the woman, He tells her, you shall have great sorrow each month in menstrual pains and child birth will be

with great pain and sorrow; and yet your desire will be for man and he will rule over you: turning again to the

man; He says, because you are weak and listen to the woman, and ate of the Tree; for I told you in Strongest

terms, not to eat of that Tree; now the Ground is Cursed where you were taken from and Formed by Me; and

now you shall labor in sweat for your food; for thorns and thistles shall now grow, and you shall eat herbs of the

field; now with great labor and sweat shall you now eat bread; until you return to the ground from which you

were taken: and the man calls the woman Eve; she would now have children: [Biblical scholars use the term,

mother of all living; and saying this man and woman had sexual intercourse and produced children in the

Garden; if that is true, where is it written in the Word up to this point? Also that would make the Word in 4:1-

2 a Lie: Oh! how easy is Lucifer’s works in these Deceptions of mankind.] [Tell a Lie enough times by Learned

men; and the Lie becomes Truth.]

     Now Jehovah JAH killed animals in the Garden, and made coats of the skins to cover their naked bodies of

this man and woman: and said to JAH and Lucifer, Behold, now this man and woman have become like Us,

knowing Good and Evil: now before they take from the Tree of Life, and eat, and live forever: I Jehovah JAH

will remove them from the Garden of Eden; to till the ground outside the Garden, from where the dirt came

that was used to Form the man: and Jehovah JAH placed East of the Garden of Eden Cherubims, and a Flaming

Sword that rotates in all directions; to guard the Path Way to the Tree of Life.

     At this point Part 2 will stop; and Part 3 will continue; after enough time has passed to study Part 2 and Part I

and Understand what has been written by this author to Correct Lucifer’s Deceptions.

     Bless the Word of JAH and sing praises to JAH, Amen.